Monday, 28 July 2014

Making Baby Shoes

My son's Mickey mouse slippers have been getting a lot of use this winter. They are red and fluffy with big black ears on the top of the foot. Very cute. But not particularly practical. So I decided to find a pattern and try making some baby shoes of my own. Just a side note of complaint here... why are 90% of the baby shoe patterns designed for girls? Anyway, I tried a few patterns before I found one that would fit the rather large feet of my boy. Here is the free online pattern.

I added some extra room in the back foot section and put some tucks in the heel to fit it back onto the sole of the shoe. My new baby shoes have a water proof sole and are lined with soft yellow flannelette. I even sewed my little label into the insole of the shoes to make them extra cute. I thought they would be rather sturdy and well wearing, but my baby boy has only worn them for 2 days now and he is already rubbing the soles off on the floor. Maybe it was a poor choice of sole material... or it's a taste of things to come, trying to keep presentable shoes on an active little boy!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sunday Best for Baby Boy

My gorgeous boy!
The only sad thing about having a little boy is that my sewing choices are so limited. No amazing little dresses and frilly tops. No cute little ruffles, bows or lace. Just shirts and pants. Comparatively boring shirts and pants. But, my little boy needed a cute outfit for his dedication service, so I found a pattern (McCall's 6779) and started sewing.

I decided to use some of my husband's old work clothes and remodel them to fit my baby for a cute (and cheap) alternative to buying new fabric. The shirt pattern worked really well as did the bow tie. The trousers are a strange fit; very high in the waist and way too long. I altered the length, but I wouldn't bother with that pattern again for pants. He looks so grown up in his little Sunday clothes.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Custom Woven Labels!

Yesterday was an exciting day for me as my own pre-ordered woven sewing labels arrived. They look amazing and I can't wait to label all the little clothes and other things that I sew... just for fun. If I ever decide to start some sort of business with my sewing later in life, I definitely know which company I will use to weave my labels for me! If interested, you can see HERE.
The website enables you to use an online tool to create your labels and will make a minimum order of 50 for only around $30.00. Not bad for a great product. Now what can I sew my first label on to...
My own labels of amazingness!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Winter Baby Dress

I love sewing little girls' clothing. It's a shame all of it leaves my house as gifts, but at least I get the joy of making it. Another lovely friend of mine gave birth to another beautiful little girl a few weeks back and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make something pretty. As little Rachel May was born in the winter, I decided to make a little tartan dress that she can wear and look cute while staying warm.
I used a pattern that I discovered at Lifeline Bookfest this year and drew it up again in a 000 size (my pattern is size 2-4). The pattern is some 15 years out of date, but (I think) converts well to a dress for a small baby to be worn with tights.
The dress features six pleats at the front to give shape to the bodice and fullness to the skirt. The dress back has two large box pleats and buttons up. The sleeves are fitted at the armhole and flare towards the wrist to be gathered onto a cuff. A peter pan collar and white cuffs in corduroy finish off the outfit. I love the traditional colours and fabric of winter, maybe because they remind me of Christmas!

White tights to finish off the ensemble