Monday, 28 July 2014

Making Baby Shoes

My son's Mickey mouse slippers have been getting a lot of use this winter. They are red and fluffy with big black ears on the top of the foot. Very cute. But not particularly practical. So I decided to find a pattern and try making some baby shoes of my own. Just a side note of complaint here... why are 90% of the baby shoe patterns designed for girls? Anyway, I tried a few patterns before I found one that would fit the rather large feet of my boy. Here is the free online pattern.

I added some extra room in the back foot section and put some tucks in the heel to fit it back onto the sole of the shoe. My new baby shoes have a water proof sole and are lined with soft yellow flannelette. I even sewed my little label into the insole of the shoes to make them extra cute. I thought they would be rather sturdy and well wearing, but my baby boy has only worn them for 2 days now and he is already rubbing the soles off on the floor. Maybe it was a poor choice of sole material... or it's a taste of things to come, trying to keep presentable shoes on an active little boy!

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