Thursday, 29 August 2013

Summer Maternity Dress Design

So I finally got around to drawing a pattern for my second maternity dress. I used the same high waisted style as the previous dress, but added a V neck and waistband with straps instead of full sleeves. Now that I look at my fabric again, I do wonder what made me buy it, but it's summery and cheerful and was cheap! Again the dress has elastic fitted into the back to allow for extra growth and stretching and for ease of dressing (no zips or buttons).
I think it turned out really well, even though it is rather bright. It's comfy, fits well and will be still be able to be worn as a summer dress post baby as the waist is a little longer.

Who knew maternity clothes could be so much fun!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Simple Maternity Dress

I have been struck by the huge lack of nice maternity clothing readily available in the shops. So again, I have decided to make some of my own. The weather is likely to be rather hot towards the end of my pregnancy, so I went for a fine, light cotton voile fabric and a roomy dress design. My inspiration came from Rosi Button.
My new pattern making skills are really coming in handy as I can now just design my own clothes! This dress is based off of an empire line bodice with darts. I simply changed the shape of the neckline and instead of sewing in the darts, I left them out and stitched up the zip opening at the back, making sure that the finished dress will still pull over my head and shoulders. I then attached a gathered skirt with extra length at the centre front (to go over a growing bump without destroying the straightness of the hem) and threaded elastic around the waist to pull in the room left by the lack of darts. I also used a ruffle to add interest to the neckline and finished off the neck and arm holes with self bias binding.
I love the finished product and know that I will get heaps of wear out of it come the warmer months!

My first maternity dress!

Ruffle around the neckline and self bias binding

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Making Shorts from Long Pants

Target's original long pants
The other day I bought a really cheap pair of maternity pants from Target. They were long and as winter is fast departing, I decided they would be more useful as shorts.

I simply cut them off, measuring from the bottom up to make sure both legs were the same length. I then over locked and hemmed them for a basic long short length.

Then, using the cut off fabric, I made tabs for buttons to hold them up at a shorter level. They gave me one spare button with the tag and I just cut one off of one back pocket for the other. (Probably not the best way to do things, but I don't think I'd be able to match it anyway). I'm so pleased with the result and I don't think I'll ever wear them as long shorts again!

Thanks Target for my $10 shorts!!

My shortened shorts with button tabs!!

Lovely little button tab makes them look more classy

Monday, 12 August 2013

Baby Nappy Bag

Now that I am in the 20th week of my pregnancy, I figure it's ok to start making even more baby stuff. This week's project was a nappy bag. I found the pattern and instructions free online at Sew4Home. The website told me literally everything and though it looks complicated when you first have a look, the sewing is simple and turns out beautifully!

I had already found a fun heavy duty fabric that I wanted to use for the bag and I used a plastic table cloth for the waterproof lining of the bag. I love the finished product, it's huge and bright and should last a long time!

The finished bag featuring outer pockets and an adjustable strap.

Handy snap closure on the flap
Waterproof lining with lots of pockets!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Baby Hot Air Balloon Mobile

The last week of so I have gradually been working on this cute hand stitched baby mobile to hang in the baby's room. It is made of felt and is inspired by the many patterns of a similar nature that can be purchased online. I simply drew up my own pattern and followed my instincts as to how it should be constructed.
I used the inside ring of an embroidery hoop for the ring at the top and painted it white. I had considered doing the sewing by machine (and you easily could), but I decided that it's cuter with the chunky hand stitches.

Each hot air balloon is blanket stitched and stuffed.

Six balloons hang from the frame in blue, pink, forest green and tan.

Hopefully the baby likes it as much as I do!