Thursday, 25 February 2016

A New Venture - Wedding Photography

This post is simply a way for my to share some of my excitement about a new venture that my husband and I are starting up. My husband, Daryl, has been into wedding photography for a while now and has finally got a website up and going. I am his assistant... holding flashes, adjusting skirts and generally helping out. We make a good team (I think) and I believe his photos speak for themselves. I'm very proud of my husband for working so hard at his photography and becoming so good at it!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the south east corner of Queensland (or are just curious), here is a website for you to take a peak at! (Click on the link below).

Some of my favourite images from Daryl's portfolio:

Toddler Sleeping bag and Pyjama's

My son has slept in a sleeping bag since he was about 4 months old. We have bags for cold winter, bags for hot summer and a few in between but he seems to never stop growing and we needed a new in between one for the cool summer nights in Toowoomba. Instead of heading down to David Jones for a $70 sleeping bag, I decided to make my own.

Using another sleeping bag that fit him, I simply traced out the pattern and copied it as well as I could... which I think is really a rather good copy and I could go into sleeping bag business. Or not. I used a printed flannelette for the outer layer and a cotton lining to keep him just a bit warmer. The finished product fits great and is doing a good job.

Seeing as I bought too much for the flannelette fabric, I also decided to make him some new winter
pyjama's. I happened to have the perfect boy's pyjama pattern in the correct size in my lifeline book fest stash of old patterns. A very cute set of flannelette pyjamas for my boy. He was almost as excited as me!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Toddler Hat

So Jeremy needed a new hat. I found a pattern online and made it up this morning. Simple as that. Thanks to the free hat pattern at oliver + s which you can find by clicking HERE.

It came together in about an hour and is reversible. It looks great and fits well. What more could I want? Jeremy cooperated very well for some pictures.

Other than this little sewing project I haven't been up to much with a sore back and other health issues being sorted out. But things are looking up and I'm sure lots more blogging will follow.