Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Making Christmas Paper for Toddlers

I was searching for something to do with Jeremy one quiet day before the Christmas holidays rolled around and came up with the idea of a printing craft. He loves to paint or get paint-y and so I thought that printing might be right up his alley.
I cut some Christmas shapes into a couple potatoes, pulled out the red, green and gold paint and we had a lovely time. Free fun for all... just a shame I had to spend the afternoon scrubbing excess paint off the deck. (Maybe I should invest in a big plastic mat for messy activities.)
We used the paper as wrapping for Christmas presents.


House Progress #3

Christmas has come and gone for another year and our house is steadily making its way towards completion. The builders are off on holidays for another week... so in order to keep things happening I thought I would post some pictures of where we are up to now!
We have only the painting and the final electrical and plumbing work left to go inside the house. Then the site needs to be tidied... all the dirt spread back in place and we are done! They are predicting early February now as the finish date.

Our amazing kitchen and walk in pantry!

The concrete path being poured around the house.

The driveway

Tiles and cabinetry in the main bathroom