Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Crochet: A baby cardigan

I don't have much to share about these pictures except my great pride and satisfaction in my work. I'm so pleased with what I have been able to achieve... taking a ball of yarn and a little hook and creating fabric and then a garment. I love everything about this cardigan. I love the little buttons, the yellow bobbles and the slightly holey seams. I love that I made it.
Maybe one day I will look back at it with a less partial eye and see it for what it really is, but for now I'm very happy.
On to the next project... look out crochet!

Toddler Slippers

Jeremy is growing fast these days and I am struggling to keep up with providing him well fitting clothes! Anyway, the latest thing to grow a lot has been his feet and I've had to buy new socks.

With the colder weather, he has been wearing slippers around the house during the day... a fabulous home made pair that stay on really well (thanks Aunty Paula!). Alas they are now too small and try as I might, I couldn't find the pattern for them online. So I found another pattern and after some struggles I managed to measure my boy's feet and create some new slippers.

The original pattern had a tongue and eyes on the toe area to make them look like dragons, but I dispensed with those. The pattern can be found here. The slippers are held on by elastic around the ankle and feature a line of rick rack down the centre front (this was meant to be the scaly part of the dragon).

The tutorial was very helpful, and if you don't mind drawing up your own pattern, then I would recommend it! Hopefully they will fit at least until the end of winter!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Crochet: A beanie and a scarf

Since writing my previous post about learning to crochet I have been hard at work in the evenings... and a lot of other times... making a few simple items.

I really loved the pattern for this scarf. Instead of running the rows of crochet horizontally across the scarf, they go vertically, which, in my opinion, looks much better. I also love the huge tassels at the ends. The scarf is worked in double crochet and I put two rows of single crochet in purple through the otherwise white scarf to give it a bit of colour. Perhaps I should have used pink or a burgundy though as the scarf is pictured below with my only purple article of clothing.

My second project was to make a beanie for my boy. The weather has actually been quite cool the last few days, and if it would stay on his head for more than a few seconds at a time, I'm sure it would be lovely and warm. The beanie was supposed to be done in treble crochet, but as I was new to the American crochet versus everyone else crochet, I think it is actually in double. Still, I'm very pleased with it and the rows of white give it a bit of interest... as does the amazing pom pom. If only Jeremy would smile for the camera!

I have also been working on a tiny white cardigan for a new baby. It is mostly finished, and just needs to be blocked and then sewn together. I've also started a jacket for Jeremy in blue.
Crochet, where have you been all my life?
More pictures to come later!