Thursday, 16 July 2015

Crochet: A beanie and a scarf

Since writing my previous post about learning to crochet I have been hard at work in the evenings... and a lot of other times... making a few simple items.

I really loved the pattern for this scarf. Instead of running the rows of crochet horizontally across the scarf, they go vertically, which, in my opinion, looks much better. I also love the huge tassels at the ends. The scarf is worked in double crochet and I put two rows of single crochet in purple through the otherwise white scarf to give it a bit of colour. Perhaps I should have used pink or a burgundy though as the scarf is pictured below with my only purple article of clothing.

My second project was to make a beanie for my boy. The weather has actually been quite cool the last few days, and if it would stay on his head for more than a few seconds at a time, I'm sure it would be lovely and warm. The beanie was supposed to be done in treble crochet, but as I was new to the American crochet versus everyone else crochet, I think it is actually in double. Still, I'm very pleased with it and the rows of white give it a bit of interest... as does the amazing pom pom. If only Jeremy would smile for the camera!

I have also been working on a tiny white cardigan for a new baby. It is mostly finished, and just needs to be blocked and then sewn together. I've also started a jacket for Jeremy in blue.
Crochet, where have you been all my life?
More pictures to come later! 

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