Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sunday Best for Baby Boy

My gorgeous boy!
The only sad thing about having a little boy is that my sewing choices are so limited. No amazing little dresses and frilly tops. No cute little ruffles, bows or lace. Just shirts and pants. Comparatively boring shirts and pants. But, my little boy needed a cute outfit for his dedication service, so I found a pattern (McCall's 6779) and started sewing.

I decided to use some of my husband's old work clothes and remodel them to fit my baby for a cute (and cheap) alternative to buying new fabric. The shirt pattern worked really well as did the bow tie. The trousers are a strange fit; very high in the waist and way too long. I altered the length, but I wouldn't bother with that pattern again for pants. He looks so grown up in his little Sunday clothes.

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