Thursday, 13 June 2013

Muttonbird Island

Mutton bird Island from a distance
My husband and I recently went to Coffs Harbour with family. While there, I desperately wanted to walk along the sea wall to Mutton bird Island. On a previous visit to Coffs Harbour, we tried to walk down the sea wall but the surf was very rough and I was drenched by a large wave and we returned home with my ambition to reach the island unfulfilled.
Thankfully, this time, the surf was small and we were able to get through un-accosted by the waves and made it to the island. Something about the island was so beautiful and wild to me that I had to share the lovely photos we took!

The view walking out along the sea wall

Rugged and bare... but somehow beautiful!

Walking down the path to the edge of the world...

Nothing but sea, sky, grass and rocks.... and me!

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