Monday, 1 July 2013

Baby Overalls

The other day I decided to start making some baby clothes for what will be the newest addition to our little family. Not knowing the gender of my child, I went for a simple little overall pattern. The pattern and official instructions can be found here.
I made a few little adjustments to the pattern before sewing, but mostly kept it the same. I chose an orange linen for the overalls and a patterned yellow poly cotton for the lining and contrast. The pattern is designed to fit a new baby, though I think it would be a little large.

Finished overalls

Front pleat and button details

Lady beetle lining

Press clips for easy nappy access

The back view
This is an incredibly cute pattern and very easy to use. I recommend it to others. It could easily be enlarged for an older child and could have the legs shortened to make a little romper suit. The buttons could be shifted for a longer child and the waist lengthened. Overall, a great, free find!

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