Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Make a Kids Play Tent

I've been watching my little boy (who is now 13 months old) play in the curtains and blinds that hang at the windows lately. I've also been wondering what I can do to stop him from swinging from them while retaining some of the fun of the activity. As it seems that hiding plays a large part in his fun, I came up with the idea of making him a tent that he can hide in and run back and forth through the tent flaps.
After some searching online, I found some fantastic and simple instructions to make a child's tent.
They can be found here: Collapsible Fabric Play Tent

We went to bunnings and bought the timber and dowelling needed and I cut up an old double fitted sheet for the fabric. The sewing was easy, a little tedious as the tent is so big, but not difficult. The hardest part was drilling the holes for the dowels to go through as I didn't have the correct size drill bit and had to wiggle the drill around to make the holes large enough. Some even got a little too large and the dowel slides a little too easily now.

Anyway... my little boy loves the tent. He has been in and out of it all day. Hooray for home made toys!

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