Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Macro Conversion Lens

We recently got a macro conversion lens for our Sony Nex 5R camera. It is a little lens which clips onto the front of the current zoom lens that we have and allows for great macro magnification. Here are some of my early attempts to use it, with a tripod of course!

f/13, 1/8 sec, ISO-200
A hairy bug

f/16, 2.5 sec, ISO-200
Tapestry wall hanging

f/20, 1.3 sec, ISO-200
Match sticks

f/16, 1.3 sec, ISO-200

f/16, 1/15 sec, ISO-200
Tiny yellow flower

f/9, 1/40 sec, ISO-200
'Santa Claus'

f/9, 1/40 sec, ISO-200
Dandelion flower

f/29, 0.62 sec, ISO-200
f/8, 1/4 sec, ISO-200
Ball point pen

f/18, 1.3 sec, ISO-200
My wedding rings

f/20, 1.6 sec, ISO-200
Sewing pins

f/13, 0.62 sec, ISO-200
Sewing machine needle

f/25, 1/10 sec, ISO-1600
Ink dots on a page

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