Friday, 12 April 2013

Camera Bag for the Sony Nex

I was looking for a project this last week and I decided that our camera and its growing number of lenses and accessories needed a bag to live safely in. After searching through my fabric box, I came across some heavy fabrics that I thought would do the trick.

The finished bag is simple in design but was so hard to make due to the fabrics needed. I used a heavy vinyl water proof fabric for the lining to give stability and water proofing. To this lining I attached bubble wrap to help protect the camera equipment from any bumps and knocks.

Inside the bag, I created a separate compartment for each camera part, padded them and stitched them into place. I used a black shoulder strap from a broken bag that I had stored in the cupboard to finish it off. The camera fits inside the bag really well and it offers heaps of protection and padding. Job well done!

The finished bag

Zip and shoulder strap detail

Inner compartments

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