Monday, 17 September 2012

How to Make a Baby's Bib

One of my friends is expecting her first baby and has invited me to her baby shower. So I decided that instead of buying her something for baby, I would make some cute things instead.
I found this baby bib pattern online at Joann Fabrics for free. The link is provided below so that you can also have the pattern if you wish. The pattern is for a bib with a pocket, but I didn't make the pocket.

Pattern at Joann Fabrics:

Cute baby fabrics
  • 30cm. baby fabric
  • 50cm. batting/wadding
  • 2m. bias tape
  • 2m. bias cord
  • 1 pkg. Sew-On Velcro
  • Basic sewing supplies

DIRECTIONS: (see pictures below for clarification)
  1. Enlarge pattern (see PDF) approximately 250%.
  2. Cut two bib pieces from the baby fabric and one bib piece from wadding.
  3. Open out bias tape and iron in half again. Insert the bias cord and using a zipper foot, sew the cord inside of the tape.
  4. Pin the wadding to the front bib piece. Stitch around the oustide and then run a couple rows of stitching across the middle to keep the wadding in place.
  5. Pin piping around the outside, making sure to place the cord edge on the inside. Stitch piping to right side bib piece.
  6. With right sides together, layer bib pieces with batting. Stitch closely to the piping using a zipper foot and leaving an opening for turning. 
  7. Turn, press and slip stitch opening.
  8. Stitch Velcro pieces to upper edges of bib.

2. Fabric, wadding and pattern cut out

3. Making the piping

4. Pin the wadding to the front fabric

4. Stitch to hold in place

5. Pin piping around the outside

5. Make sure the piping faces the correct way!

7. Turn bib through and press

8. Stitch velcro to bib flaps
This bib pattern is very easy to use and produces a very cute result. The wadding gives a little padding to help absorb wet messes and is washable. The piping finishes the edges off in a really neat way. Overall, I'm very happy with the pattern and will use it again!

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