Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sewing Soft Baby Blocks

As well as the bibs (see post below), I also made some soft blocks for my friend's baby. I used the same cute fabrics as for the bibs. These blocks are safe, washable and ready for hours of bright, cheerful fun!

-Fabric with a cute print (scraps will do)
-Fibre stuffing
-General sewing supplies

1. Create your pattern square by measuring out a square onto paper. I cut mine 8cm by 8cm. Using the pattern, cut 6 fabric squares per block. I made three blocks so I cut 6 of each type of fabric.

1. Cut out fabric squares

2. Sew 4 of the sqaures together in a line, right sides together. I alternated two of my patterned fabrics. I used approximately 1/4 inch or 1cm seam allowance.

2. Stitch four together (Front view)
2. Seam side view

3. With right sides together, stitch the strip of 4 squares into a box shape to form the walls of the block.

3. Stitch to form the walls of a cube

4. Carefully pin the base square into the block, taking care to match all seams and corners. Stitch one side at a time, stopping at the seam allowance (don't sew right the way to the edges).

4. Add bottom of block
4. Inside view

5. Stitch the top square into the block using the same method as for the bottom. Make sure that you leave a gap about an inch wide in one of the sides to turn the block through.

6. Turn the block through the gap, carefully poking out the corners.

6. Turn finished black the right way

7. Fill the block carefully with the fibre stuffing until it is at the stiffness that you want. If you overfill the block it will tend to lose its cube shape and become more of a ball.

7. Fill with fibre stuffing

8. Hand sew the opening closed with stitches that run inside the block and so can't be easily seen.

8. Hand sew opening closed

The finished product is very cute and very safe for baby to play with!

Cute & soft baby blocks

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