Monday, 27 August 2012

Experimenting with the Fine Arts

I've always loved drawing and painting so I thought I'd give them another go now that I'm older and have more artistic skills.
I began with pencil sketching of a face using a photograph for reference. I measured each section of the face using my pencil as a guide with my arm stretched out fully each time. I think I have captured a fair likeness of my subject, though it could still do with some improvement, particularly in the nose, eye size and teeth.

Some artistic attempts

I also went out and bought some water colour paints. I've never used them before (I've used acrylics for all my painting in the past) so it was a new experience for me. If you've never picked them up, it's really worth having a try. They produce a much softer effect than the acrylics and the technique is markedly different. I'll be working with them again to see what different effects I can produce with a little more experience!

First try with water colours

Looking better... second try with water colours

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