Saturday, 24 May 2014

Alice in Wonderland Baby Dress

A lovely friend of mine had a beautiful baby girl some time ago now and I really wanted to make a little dress for her... but had no time. Now that my own little boy is napping nicely, I've been free to get back to chores and things that I like to do again!

Anyway, the little girl's name is Alice and I thought that it would be fun to make her a little Alice in Wonderland dress. I chose to make the dress for a baby about age 6 months because Spring will have come around by the time Alice is 6 months old, and more importantly, my own baby is the size of a 6 month old... (I needed a model to work out the measurements).

So I drew the pattern up and cut out the fabric, sewing whenever my little boy gave me some moments to myself. The result is so cute. I'm very pleased with the little dress, and even made some little pants to cover her nappy and help puff out the skirt a bit.

The apron is attached to the dress bodice at the front waist and shoulders (under the collar). At the back, the apron tie threads through the back apron straps and can be adjusted to fit nicely on a little body. Yes, I did try it on my son, and it did fit, but I decided that he should be preserved from a photo in a dress! I hope that it will fit little Alice come Spring!

(The blue colour in the photo's is a bit dustier looking than the actual fabric.)

Cute baby bloomers

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