Friday, 28 July 2017

Pantry Organisation

I have been doing so much lately that I have so little free time to sit down and blog about any of it. I have so many ideas and projects and only one hour of rest time to do much towards any of them. Today I am missing the buttons and stuffing I need to complete my latest projects so I feel uninspired to do anything else until I can finish them off.

Something I had wanted to do for at least twelve months was to sort out my Indian spices. They come in plastic packets from the Indian store and I was just snipping off the corners and using them straight out of the packet with a clothes peg to seal the hole. (Which works okay until there are more than a dozen packets laying around in the pantry making mess and taking up space and I never have enough pegs to hang out the laundry.)

So a couple weeks back I finally found enough glass jars to sort out my spice stash. 17 different spices, essential for the Indian kitchen: turmeric, coriander seeds, ground coriander, cumin seeds, ground cumin, cinnamon sticks, garam masala, ground fenugreek, kashmiri chilli powder, fennel seeds, black pepper, mustard seeds, cloves, cardamom pods, poppy seeds, star anise and hot chilli powder.

My little helper helped me pour the spices into their new containers and stick on the labels. Now I will be able to find my spices with searching through a huge pile of packets, the pegs are back in laundry where they belong, and the neat rows of jars sitting on my pantry shelf fill my tidy heart with such pride. A job well done.

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