Monday, 15 August 2016

Our Land & Planting Fruit Trees

There is a reason that my blogging has slowed down a lot lately. I have a lot on my mind... we bought some land and are about to start building a house!
Most of our weekends and spare afternoons for the last couple months have been taken up with visits to builders, banks, cabinet makers, tile shops and other such places. We are finally reaching the end of planning and the beginning of building. Our plans are sitting in council at this moment quietly awaiting the stamp of approval. After that... the real fun begins!

We have approximately 3000sqm of land on which I intend to grow lots of lovely fruit trees and vegetables. I couldn't wait to have something happening on our piece of land so I bought some bare root fruit trees and we planted them on our block. Very exciting times. I used a new pruning technique that I have been reading about to keep fruit trees a manageable size and after sitting in the ground as little sticks for just over a week, they are starting to shoot. Fresh nectarines and peaches in a few years for us! (If I can protect them from the builder's trucks during the construction of our house!)


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