Friday, 22 April 2016

Winter Jacket for a Toddler

So we now live in Toowoomba, a place that apparently can have winter days that don't rise above 10 degrees Celsius. Coming from sunny, warm Brisbane, the thought is somewhat alarming and our winter wardrobes are far from ready. I have been trying to source coat and jacket patterns for Jeremy and I came across this one in a library book.
Sadly, since it has been at least a month since I finished the coat, the book has been returned and I can't remember who it was that designed the pattern to give them credit. Suffice it to say, it was not I.
Oh, apparently you can look up your previous library records. Here we go: 'Sew adorable : classic clothes for boys and girls' by Vanessa Mooncie.
Anyway... what a fabulous pattern! This wonderfully English-looking little coat has a round collar, little tailored pockets and the cutest buttons down the front. It is fully lined with both a layer of fleecy warmth and a synthetic fabric. The original pattern was knee length but I shortened it for easier wearing on little boys. The wool fabric was a little scratchy so I sewed in a little lining around the part of the collar that touches the neck.
I am so very pleased with the result, now I just have to wait for the cold weather to roll in so Jeremy can wear it. He is adorable in the coat, kids just don't get any cuter than this!

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