Tuesday, 26 January 2016

An All-in-One Romper or Dress

I like to find inspiration in baby clothes that I see on other people's children. This unusual outfit is based off a little skirted onsie that I saw on a friend's baby. It was of course made up in a stretch fabric and therefore was able to be very close fitting. I like the idea of an all-in-one romper and dress for a few reasons. Firstly, babies crawl and dresses cause problems with crawling. The aim of this outfit was to have the skirt short enough to stay out of the way when crawling. The other reason I like it is that the design is so unique and provides so many opportunities for adjustment in the pattern.
Make it as an all-in-one outfit, make it as a romper or make it as a little dress.

The pattern is sized to fit babies aged 6-12 months. To complete it, you will need some sewing experience.

You can find this pattern online at my Etsy shop, RP Original.

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