Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Crocheted Headband for a Baby

So I haven't done too much crochet lately as it has been warm. It feels horrible to work with warm wools and sweaty hands... or even just to have the wool sitting on your lap. But over Christmas, I had the opportunity to help my husband photograph my newborn niece and I thought that a crocheted headband would do the job nicely.

I used a grey 8 ply wool for the band a a soft white 4 ply for the flower. The band is simply two rows of double crochet worked in a strip with a picot stitch around the outside. The band was then joined together and the join hidden under the flower. The flower is made up of two simple 5 petal flowers stacked on top of each other and sewn onto the band. I love it that I have become comfortable enough with my crochet to make up my own patterns!

I'm currently working on a vest for Jeremy to wear in the winter, so keep an eye out for progress on that! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of this gorgeous baby doing a fabulous job of modelling the headband! Photo credit to Daryl Pereira Photography.

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