Tuesday, 24 November 2015

McCalls 6304... More Overalls

I wasn't just talking when I said that overalls are one of my favourite clothing items for little boys. I feel like I need to make the most of them in the next few months because they won't be much good for my son once we start toilet training! I made up the McCalls 6304 pattern overalls the other day.

I made the size 2 up but forgot to measure the shoulder to crotch length. So I ended up with overalls that were rather fat but too short. With some tricky manoeuvring I managed to squeeze an extra inch out of them to make them fit.

This is a great pattern but will probably need some work in the fitting stage. I took the width in by some 4 or more cm and it is still on the large and loose side. But isn't my boy cute?

Keep an eye out for my new overalls pattern for babies aged 3-6 months in the next weeks.

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