Friday, 21 August 2015

Toddler's Large Bib Tutorial

I've discovered that it's difficult to find a bib worthy of a toddler in the shops. Either they are too small (not enough coverage for toddler sized messes) or they are too easy for the toddler to remove. Both are problems if you want a relatively clean toddler at the end of each meal. So, I have come up with a simple solution that I would like to share with you: meet the toddler sized bib with toddler proof fastenings.

Toddler's Large Bib

You can download the Toddler's Bib pattern for free by clicking on the link below.
Download Free Bib Pattern 

You Will Need:
· 1 terry toweling cloth nappy (or other towel fabric)
· 1.5 metres of bias binding
· 2 press stud sets
· Fabric for the appliqué shape

Difficulty level:

µ (Very Easy)


Download, print and sticky tape the bib pattern together.

Fold your cloth nappy (or fabric) in half and cut out the bib on the fold as indicated on the pattern.

Pin and sew the bias binding around the outside of the bib as shown in the image below.

Pin and sew the bias binding around the neckline in the same manner, folding the ends over for a neat finish.

Cut out your appliqué shape carefully pin it in place. Appliqué around the shape using blanket stitch or a machine appliqué stitch.

Try the bib on your toddler to determine where you what to press studs to sit.

Apply the press studs according to the manufacturers instructions.

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