Thursday, 18 June 2015

A New Skill for Me: Crochet

My very first 'granny square'
I have a memory of one time back in the rather distant past of being taught how to knit by one of my Aunts. It was confusing, difficult and painfully slow going, and the finished product looked rather moth eaten. I hated the experience and I happily decided to leave the knitting for other people with more patience.

After dinner and bedtime for my son each evening, I sit with my husband and we watch some television or a movie, or we read or chat. I have often wished I had something to do with my hands during these times so... I did some research and decided to try crochet!

A trip to Spotlight for a crochet hook and some yarn later and I am well on my way to understanding the basics of this new craft. I have practised my chain stitch, double crochet and treble crochet and finally came up with a completed 'Granny Square'. My level of pride in my crochet is probably rather too high for such a modest achievement and I have no idea how to tie off my work, but I feel very clever. Whoever invented crochet had the right idea... a simple hook, a few simple stitches, fast progress and mistakes that can be corrected by simply removing the hook and pulling the yarn until the offending stitches disappear. I'm officially hooked!

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  1. To tie it off, you just cut the thread and pull it through your last loop. It automatically gets stuck there. Brilliant! :D So glad you are enjoying crochet.