Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Elaina's Dress (Baby Blouse and Pinafore)

This sewing project was somewhat inspired by my love of Christmas and the wish that one day I will experience a cold, winter-y Christmas just like is depicted on all the Christmas cards.

Another dear friend of mine recently gave birth to yet another little girl. Where are all the boys, people? Anyway... I couldn't help myself and I've designed and sewn another cute baby girl's outfit. Since this baby girl lives in Wisconsin, USA... a place of marvellous, white, winter Christmases and cool spring weather, the dress has a decidedly festive look.

Inspired by little winter pinafores on Google images, I drew up a pattern. Pleated baby dresses are really easy to draw up. All I used was a plain overalls front and back pattern in the correct size. Using folded paper to create the pleats, I simply drew the pattern shape over the top and cut it out. When the paper is unfolded, the pleats are included in the new pattern. Obviously I made other changes to the pattern to create an A line shape in the skirt of the pinafore and make sure that the fit will be correct.

I cut the pinafore in a teal and black checked wool fabric. Hopefully the wool will help to keep baby Elaina warm. The front pleats are finished with little pearl snaps. The same pearl snaps are used to fasten the shoulders of the pinafore.

The baby blouse was much less simple to make. I had a pattern for a baby shirt but whoever loved it before me was a little careless with some of the essential pieces (like the shirt back and front) and they were no where to be seen. So using the sleeve and collar, I drew up the pieces for the body of the shirt. (My pattern making course really has come in handy!) The blouse is cut out of a very fine poly-cotton and trimmed with lace around the collar and cuffs. I'm pretty pleased with it!

The overall outfit is very sweet... and took a long time to make. I wish it was for my own baby. Alas... no girl child here. I'm afraid by the time I do have a girl... if it ever happens... I won't have the time or energy to make such cute clothes for her! Anyway. Enjoy your Christmas present baby Elaina!

Dress back view
Completed pinafore

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