Thursday, 9 October 2014

Baby Romper Suit (Burda Kids 9462)

I recently went to Spotlight and got excited about their $5 sale on all patterns. One of the many patterns that I picked up was Burda Kids 9462 for cute, puffy baby rompers. It looked simple to make and cool for summer wear, so I cut it out and got sewing.

As I was sewing I did think the pattern looked rather full, but that was mean to be the style so I kept going. Mistake. I should have tried it on my little boy before finishing off all the edges.

If I were to review this pattern and give it a rating, it would get one star. Not only is it way too full, but the legs sit wrong and the crutch is too short for the width sizing. I eventually cut off the legs, shortening them and resewing the side seams to make the romper narrower. I also took it in under the arms to get a better fit.

With all my alterations, the romper is still loose fitting (as it is meant to be), but not so loose fitting that the baby will get lost inside. It still isn't a great garment altered. I wouldn't recommend it or use the romper pattern again. Maybe the combination girls set would work out better?

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