Saturday, 30 August 2014

Baby Proofing the House

Since my little boy began to crawl I have been spending my days chasing him away from all the things that he is not supposed to be touching. So after some experimentation, we have come up with some good ways to keep him away from power cables, off the stairs, away from the hanging blinds and out of the garden.

Power Cables

We tried taping them to the floor, blocking them with other objects and finally masking taped them to the skirting boards. No more cables for baby to chew!

Hanging blinds

 We tried saying 'no', putting them in a box on the floor, hiding them behind other stuff, and finally put the box up on the kitchen cabinet. Success.


We tried the standard baby gate but as our stairs protrude beyond the wall, two steps were always available for climbing and falling down. With this handy baby fence, we can fence off all access to the stairway.

Garden Beds

We tried active supervision, but he just moves too fast these days. So we bought some fencing wire and some stakes and fenced off the garden for good. No more eating potentially poisonous plants.

Sadly, there are still so many other things he shouldn't be touching; books, grass (the eating of), dvd player, heater, lamp etc. Things that can't easily be removed unless we want to live in an empty house. I guess the active supervision will be continuing for a long time yet!

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